We want to be able to park a call and retreive it from another phone

The Call Park feature lets you park a call that anyone can retrieve from any other telephone in the system by entering the Call Park extension associated with that call. For example:

1 You attempt to transfer an incoming call, but the person you need to reach is not available.

2 You park the call and assign it a park extension.

3 You page the person and announce the call park extension you used.

4 The person retrieves the parked call from any telephone by dialing the Call Park extension you assigned to the call.

From the Call Park window, you can:

  • View all the call park extensions and their names that are currently configured on the system. You can sort the list by clicking on a column heading.
  • Click Add to add a Call Park extension.
  • Select a extension, or extensions, that you want to delete and click Remove Selected. To select all extensions, enable the Select check box.
  • Click an extension to change a Call Park extension name.