How do we add another Page Zone

Use the Add page zone window to add a new page zone to the configuration:

1 In the Name field, specify the name you want to assign to the zone. This name identifies the zone. The maximum allowable length is 30 characters of the set A-Z, a-z, 0-9, -, _, and <space>.

2 In the Extension field, specify which extension to associate with the zone. This is the extension to dial to broadcast to members of the zone. Specify any unused extension in the range of external extensions. Typically, a number at the higher end of the range is more likely to be available.

External extensions include the range of 6000 - 7999 for a four-digit dial plan, or 600 - 799 for a three-digit dial plan. However, the default three- and four-digit dial plans assign extension numbers starting with a 7 as diagnostic., and these are not generally available.

Diagnostics is a Class of Service that you can assign to a telephone user. Therefore, if you want to assign a page zone, for example, to the extension 720, you must either change the dial plan (to make 7** an internal call) or you must assign to users who will be dialing the 720 page zone the CoS permissions labelled Diagnostics.

If you want to keep the dial plan and CoS defaults, use the extension range of 6000 - 6999 (or 600 - 699) for page zones.

3 Enable the Add External Page check box to include external pages in this zone.

4 Enable the Only members can page this zone check box to restrict broadcasting to this zone to members of this zone.

5 Enable the Only members can view this zone's membership check box to keep users who are outside the zone from viewing zone members.

6 To add a member to the zone, use the Membership list:

  • If the zone does not include any members, click a check box next to the extensions of the users that you want to add to the zone.
  • If the zone already has members, click Show all to display a list of users that you can add to the group's membership.

NOTE: You can toggle between the Show all and Show members only buttons to display users that have membership in the zone and the users that are not members of the zone but who you can add to the zone.

7 Click Apply to make the changes and keep this window open, click OK to make the changes and close the window, or click Cancel to return to the previous window without putting the changes into effect.